Integrated Tribal development programme

Integrated Tribal development programme (WADI) - Igatpuri, Nashik

Dilasa Janvikas Praishthan as a PIA has successfully implemented integrated tribal development program in 12 villages of Igatpuri block of Nashik district & 14 villages of patur block of Akola district. The main objective of project is to undertake integrated development of 2000 tribal families through Wadi establishment and livelihood support to 200 landless tribal families.

The major interventions undertaken were: a) Horticulture plantation & Maintenance. Soil conservation and water resources development as core component and additional components are Women Development Programme, Health & Sanitation, Training & Capacity Building, Micro-enterprises development for Landless and Other livelihood interventions. Dilasa has successfully established all 1000 wadis in phase manner within first three years period at both locations.

It provided several income generating alternatives directly adding to their incomes besides creating assets which brought additional income over a long period. This was supplemented by increased agricultural production of fruit crops & traditional seasonal crops due to adoption of improved agril practices. This project not only helped to the participating farmers in the programme but also increased secondary employment opportunities in the villages, which definitely reduced the migration of the people to the nearby towns.

Dilasa is implemented WADI programme with the financial helped by NABARD. The project is being implemented for 1100 tribal families in 12 tribal villages of Igatpuri block of Nashik district. The main objective is to uplift socio-economic conditions of tribal families through integrated approach. The major components are: Orchard development for 1 acre area, Soil & water conservation measures for 1 acre area, Community health, Women in development activities, Income generation activities for 100 landless tribal families, Peoples organization, first three years is period of wadi establishment in phase manner and remaining 4 years for maintenance of wadi’s.

After detail study about tribal families in Nashik, akola & Aurangabad district, Dilasa came to know that livelihood of tribal families can be enhanced through orchard development in their available minimum one acre land as they are having very close attachment with fruit trees since long. In this context, Dilasa has started the programme called “wadi’ for 1000 tribal families in nashik district in 2011 and 1000 families in Akola district in 2012. Dilasa will be with these families for seven years unless and until these families should get ensured livelihood. This programme is being sponsored by NABARD that is really committed for rural poor families. In this programme, 100 landless tribal families for each location are also being supported for their livelihood. Along with orchard development, other issues such as health, drudgery reduction of women, SHG promotion, producer group, village level institution and capacity building through live exposure and trainings are being carried out. The objective behind this is to address the holistic and sustainable livelihood development of tribal families. This is a good example of sustainable livelihood in tribal areas. This programme for Aurangabad district is under consideration.

Biodiversity Committees in 30 GPs

Dilasa is implementing the capacity building and mobilization of 30 committees in Phulambri block of Aurangabad district regarding Biodiversity management. The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a methodology aimed at increasing the yield of rice produced in farming. It is a low water, labor-intensive, organic method that uses younger seedlings singly spaced and typically hand weeded with special tools.

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