Dilasa Baliraja Krishi Utpadak Producer Company Ltd

Dilasa Baliraja Farmers Producer Organization

Concept : Dilasa Baliraja Farmers Producer Organization is the first FPO formed by Dilasa with our watershed farmers. This has the mission to showcase the value added products to the other FPOs in the state. It has established successfully paneer unit at Aurangabad with a brand name Baliraja. Moreover, Balirajaa started its food grain purchasing Adat at APMC, Lasur Station, which is biggest food grain market of the region. Baliraja is also propagated micro irrigation to its members apart from the services of refer van for vegetables, tanker, tractor on the rental basis. Baliraja is the role model of FPOs of Dilasa. The FPO is having the forward market of food grains linked with Grahak Peth and other institutions. The FPO is also making effort to provide clean food grains at the door step of the urban customers in Aurangabad in the coming season.

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